Postcard from Japan

peonies at aoyama flower market, tokyo, japan

In May we went for a short holiday to Japan and while we missed the cherry blossom season, peonies were in abundance - especially at the famed Aoyama Flower Market in Tokyo.

Peonies were their 'Flower of the Week' when we visited and as you can see the display was quite magnificent!

There is also a cafe attached to the flower shop with flower inspired and decorated dishes, and botanical tea infusions. 

Simon and I chose a refreshing pot of rosemary, lemongrass and mint tea - it was delicious and we've since made it ourselves at home  - simply a sprig of rosemary, a stick of lemongrass and a generous bunch of fresh mint brewed in a plunger style pot and served with honey.

While waiting in the queue at Aoyama Flower Market for a table at the cafe, I watched Japanese women carefully choosing flowers to buy. Instead of big bunches they were selecting just a small handful by the stem and I imagine they were taking them home to artfully arrange in the ikebana style.

Inspired by this I bought just two peonies for our Kyoto apartment and on the last day attempted a peony kimono for the Garden Fairy's Wardrobe.

petal & pins peony kimono

There is a collection of peony dresses in my Garden Fairy's Wardrobe designed with peonies grown locally here in Tasmania by Sally Dakis in the Coal River Valley as part of our Farmgate Project.  

Available in A4 and A3 size and we have also released two of the designs as greeting cards.