behind the scenes with designer Sandra Alcorn

petal & pins aquilegia rose dress work in progress


People are often intrigued about how I create my petite botanical dresses - so I'd like to share with you a little about my creative process and our story.

how it all began...

As a fashion designer with a studio looking out on to a slightly unkempt but enchanting garden, it was only a matter of time until my passion for flowers and design intertwined.

I love to step into my garden to pause for thought, feel the warmth of the sun, or pick a few flowers and it was in one of those moments that I created my first petite dress from flowers - the beginning of the Garden Fairy's Wardrobe®.

fashioned from flowers...

I create my designs with fresh flowers and leaves gathered from my studio garden. Governed by the seasons, I love the spontaneity and surprise this brings to my art.

The ephemeral nature of designing with fresh botanicals is an intrinsic part of my design process which I think adds to their whimsical quality. Once I am happy with a design, I photograph it before scattering the petals and leaves back into the garden.

petal & pins pansy dress tea towel and greeting card

our collections...

The Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe has become our signature collection with its botanical couture delighting gardeners and fashion lovers alike.

I invite you to explore our other collections too including the chic hatted ladies of the Atelier Petale collection, the Cécile Brünner inspired Love Letters collection and the charming ephemera of the Scrapbook collection, not to mention our collaboration with local producers in the Farmgate Project.

Let me know your favourite design and what you’d like to see in future petal & pins collections - I'd love to hear from you!

Best wishes

founder & designer