Bridging The Social Isolation With Pen & Paper

While we're all staying home more, practising social distancing and washing our hands regularly while this pandemic is sweeping the world, there is a silver lining.

More time for reading books, whipping up new recipes and catching up on Netflix favourites...that's of course if we're not trying to create a space to work from home, entertain kids or are overwhelmed by the rolling news updates (my tip is to limit your intake!)

At petal & pins our ethos is 'to live in the moment, find joy in the things around us' so we're trying to find creative ways to navigate through these times and to help you bridge the social distance.

We've put together this special 'send love' notecard pack featuring my Cècile Brünner rose LOVE design.

You can start a snail mail conversation with a pal, send words of encouragement to isolating family members, reach out to a neighbour or thank a health care worker.

So get yourself a pack, pop on the kettle and sit down to some heartwarming letter writing, we've included some hashtag suggestions on the label so you can share your #snailmaillove with us on instagram